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“I’m the star of the show!”: VPL Trip 2K16

“I’m the star of the show!”: VPL Trip 2K16 Last pro – d day, I woke up early in the morning (instead of sleeping in like I should have) to take part in an optional class trip to the Vancouver Public Library. How did my day go? I woke up quite early to meet up with the rest of my TALONS group at the sky train station for the start.. Read More

The Start of Helen Keller: Night of the Notables 2016

There’s about 3 weeks left for eminent, and the panic is already starting to settle in.  I think I’m nervous for everything; my looooong speech, lack of time, and the confidence level that seems to drop when I’m in front of large crowds.  Hopefully, I can get through this experience all right.  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-K5SCt0D64Qw/UgcbjMW0S-I/AAAAAAAAGkQ/4lyaNikEu_I/s1600/120724-helen-keller.png Helen Keller rose as a woman who was blind and deaf but overcame these obstacles to be.. Read More

Is Trump leading us into World War III?

Is Trump leading us into World War III? Studies conducted by multiple people show that there are many similarities between two political leaders, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.  Through similar events, could Trump possibly lead the American country into another World War?  Let’s have a look. Here’s how this would make sense.  We’re going to go back and analyze a past event in history: Economy Downfall We go back in.. Read More

Adolescence Medley

Adolescence Medley By Jiwon Hwang   I buried a seed in the forest. Buried it deep within the warm soil underneath my brown leather boots. It is my very own seed, and I will follow it through the tests of time.   ______   I ran every morning to greet the seed. I nurtured it, gave it strength, and willed for the faintest sign of growth, because it would be.. Read More