Finally, Eminent speeches are finished!  I’m very glad that it’s finished and done with… and good luck to all the grade 10’s who are getting ready to present theirs in front of everyone at Night of the Notables. I’m sure you’ll do great!

After my speech was finished, I wanted to discuss some positive and negative experiences I had while putting together my presentation.



Writing my speech was actually pretty easy for me and I think part of the reason was because I had researched Helen Keller so thoroughly.  I had all these different ideas in my head and I just had to put them on paper.  The hard part of it was putting the speech into the perspective of the doll, which was the character I was being in order to talk about why Helen Keller is such an eminent person.  I felt that this was especially difficult because unlike (for example) Anne Sullivan who was her mentor and companion throughout Keller’s whole life story, the doll was only bits and pieces in her life.  While writing the speech, I often found myself debating if I should write more about the doll in her life or why she was such an eminent person.

Editing my speech went fairly well in my perspective because I knew the changes I wanted to make in my writing.  However, the speech was over 7 minutes and I was quite panicked because I didn’t know what to take out as all of it seemed so relevant.  I eventually turned to my peers and grade tens who generously offered to edit my speech and what bits weren’t so relevant to my topic.


Special thanks to Sam, Emily, Charlotte, Mimi, Hira, Katrina, Aileen, and Vanessa for editing my speech!  I really appreciate it!




Public speaking (mainly regarding speeches) is one of the areas I struggle in because I’m not that good at making my speech so people are engaged and listening.  This time, especially after seeing the awesome speeches before hand *Melissa*, I was motivated to try harder than just reading off the words on the page.  I turned to grade tens who had more experience with public speaking than me.

Mimi offered to help me after school and during lunch breaks, least to say I was really thankful for it.  She wrote me some articulations such as crescendo’s when my volume should go up and decrescendo’s when it should be quieter or level again.  She also highlighted some parts that I should really emphasize as it was like the climax of my speech.


This really helped me when I was practicing and I’m so glad that she helped me out outside of what she needed to.  Thanks MIMI!!!!!!!

Although my speech went pretty well because of all that practicing, next time I want to have less built in articulations and just go with the flow a bit more.  That way, I think instead of just hearing it, the audience can really feel the emotions behind my speech.

Stay tuned for my interview post!