For our science final, our class needed to research, write and present (film) a TED (“TalonTED) Talk on a topic we were interested.  The only criteria was that it had to be linked to science.

I chose “cultured” meat or “lab-grown” meat for my topic and how this will be a huge advancement in food technology for the world.  In my talk, I discuss what cultured meat is, why it is needed, the 4 major benefits it gives to our world, and why it’s a better choice then conventional, regular meat.



This is my introductory slide.  I tried to edit it in but it wouldn’t work so… Anyways, here it is!


*My mom’s in the corner of the video because she accidentally got caught on film.  Oops!*



TedTalk Outline + Notes

TedTalk Script

TedTalk Presentation

TedTalk Bibliography