More general ideas for each section


  • Setting the scene with a bang (shot wound)/ waking up from the hospital?
  • Introducing name, emotion from being shot
  • “My only regret was that I haven’t had a chance to speak to them before they shot me.”

Conflict Introduced:


Rising Action 1:

  • I am the same Malala
  • hair might be different, might not be allowed to smile, my face might be uneven
  • same hopes, dreams, ideas, goals
  • Do not want to known as a girl who got shot by a Taliban but by a girl who fought for education
  • It’s not time to pity, it’s time for action
  • Don’t want people to look back on today 50 years later and ask, why did nobody stand up to make a change

Rising Action 2:

  • no hate for the Taliban: understatement of the idea of compassion and legacy
  • I stress for the importance of education for all, but especially the daughters, the sons, the grandchildren of the Taliban

Rising Action 3:

  • Talk about the roots of my upbringing and their influence to myself today
  • Father’s open-minded nature about my gender allowed me to grow as an individual who otherwise would have been already married by this age
  • People used to ask my father “What special thing was in your mentor ship which made your daughter so bold and so courageous, and so vocal and so poised.” And my father would tell them. “Don’t ask me what I did. Ask me what I did not do.  I didn’t clip her wings, and that is all.”


  • didn’t clip wings –> not confined to cage and could fly higher –> hope for others –> turned into the idea that a pen, a paper, and a book could change the world
  • Rised up as a female Pakistani leader in the community, into the world
  • No going back and faced death already oncew
  • Whole world who I was, if the Taliban wants to kill me, I’ll go after I’ve told my story/speaking up

Falling Action 1:

  • More than three quarters of Pakistan’s young women are enrolled in school today, and our numbers are only growing
  • Millions of those who sign petitions and are campaigning alongside me to fight for our educational rights are having an impact on the Taliban
  • Schools for refugees
  • Taliban has shown what they are most afraid of, girls rising up

Falling Action 2:

  • Nobel peace prize:  struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education
  • Not just for me
  • For children who are scared, don’t have a voice, want change, for those 66 million children


  • I advocate for the rights of those without a voice, want to go to school, want a change
  • end with direct quote?