What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question?  How has it proved valuable?  Explain.


After some research during my weekend, I realized that much like the english language, the language of medicine adopt and change as well.  For small example, the term radiology is slowly changing into medical imaging because radiologist study medical images.  However, medical imaging is a wider term that is more correct to use as not all medical imaging is done with radioactivity.  A source I found useful is the book called that I found at MacLeod’s book store in October.  I originally visited the shops to find useful books for eminent, but I had no idea that the book I picked would be useful for Zip as well.  The book is well organized into three categories: the respiratory system, the skeletal system, and overall layout of the human anatomy; the book has detailed pictures and medical terminology labeling all of the parts.  Since online information is sometimes difficult to comprehend, I found that the book was great for understanding the terms and for fact-checking.  It also allows me to make my own inferences about medical terminology such as the use of different prefixes and suffixes.  For example, some words with prefixes a or an, means without, such as analgesic meaning without pain, and apathy meaning without feeling or emotion.  There is also relation between many words that have similar prefixes.  For example, conditions that start with trachea such as Tracheal stenosis, Tracheoesophageal Fistula, and the Tracheomalacia are all problems that develop in the trachea.