Provide a copy / image of your research notes.  What concepts in your learning do you now feel you have a solid grasp on?  Which ones might be useful to other students in their learning?

This is only a couple of pages from my total research notes*

I feel pretty confident on my grasp of knowledge on how the English language was created, how it was changed and shaped to become the international language, and how it is still developing.  I obviously don’t know all the little details and dates, however I found that I have enough knowledge so that if anyone asked, I am able to talk to them about the general idea.  To be honest, I don’t believe that learning dates and numbers is a great idea; understanding how and why languages develop seems like a far more important concept.

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One helpful piece of information that might be useful for my classmates is to continue last year’s zip project to this year.  I did the history of the English language last year, and although it was hard and too big of a topic for me to properly “digest”, I still learned a lot from it.  This year, I focused specifically on the Latin and Ancient Greek influence on English.  During my research, I found myself making a lot of connections from last year’s learning.

Below is an example of my connections.  The information in black pen is my zip this year, and the information in blue pen around it is the information I remember from last year that connect to the notes beside them.

win_20180108_10_00_40_pro win_20180108_10_00_18_pro

One skill that I have learned with taking notes is to take key information from large amount of reading.  In previous research projects, I often felt like I needed to do an excessive amount of research and notes to be successful.  However I found myself copying off information right from the page (which is considered plagiarism) and deleting some pronouns to write it as “notes”.  For example:

If the sentence wrote: William Shakespeare was a talented play writer who was alive during the medieval century.

My notes would be: – a talented play writer who was alive during the medieval century

This time, when taking notes, I tried to understand everything that I was reading so that I knew all the information with minimal notes.