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Inquiry Question: What is the story behind the rope bracelet that is always around Jiwon’s wrists?


  1. Although this bracelet seems like a secondary source, the material (rope) itself was probably manufactured at a factory, this is a primary source because it was simply a long piece of rope before it was created into a bracelet. Furthermore, it is true that Mr. Salisbury was the person who burnt the ends to melt the rope into a bracelet, but I was a direct witness of the event, the bracelet was created for me, and the inquiry question is asking about my story, and my connection to the rope bracelet.
  2. Mr. Salisbury and I created the bracelet by cutting a long piece of thin blue rope into a smaller section, using a match to melt the ends of the rope, size it around my wrist, and waiting until it cooled and hardened.
  3. It was made in May 2017, on the first day of the TALONS adventure trip at Stein Valley. I haven’t removed it since the day I put it on, and it can be found on my wrist everyday (it’s been 9 months!).


  1. It was my first time on the annual TALONS adventure trip, and I had been preparing a long time for it, so I was feeling nervous, scared, and excited. It had been on my mind for a long time so I wanted everything to run smoothly.
    1. This influenced the source as it had a direct coordination with everything I was feeling, and gave it value.
  2. Everybody on the trip got the same bracelet (I’m pretty sure everybody kept it on at least for the duration of the trip) as a sign of bonding.
    1. This influenced the source because it significantly increased the value of the bracelet knowing that everybody was wearing a similar form. It was a physical tool to express our uniform ideas and goals during the trip.
  3. At this time, I was struggling with family, work, and friend issues.
    1. After the trip, I felt a lot better, and even had answers to questions in life I was struggling with. These emotions once again, directly tie to the bracelet.


  1. It’s a very thin rope that is blue in colour with yellow polka dots.
  2. There is a little section where the two rope ends meet and where the match created the connection between the two ends of the rope. It is a bit sharp, and this is one of the reasons why most people took it off. I also briefly considered taking it off two months ago during volleyball because it hurt so much every time the ball pressed it against my skin, but decided against it.
  3. I have worn it everyday (without taking it off) for the last 270 ish days so it’s not super clean anymore. This is also one of the reasons many people took it off.
  4. It’s very comfortable, and I’ve worn it for so long that I don’t even feel it around my wrist anymore.

Inferences about Perspective:

  1. One of the main creators was myself, and I still am part of a group called TALONS. Being in this group have changed many things about me, allowed me new opportunities to create experiences, and led me to create this bracelet during the group’s annual adventure trip.
  2. Before I made the decision to put it around my wrist, Mr. Salisbury and Ms. Mulder brought the rope with the intention of making it into a bracelet. I think they probably wanted to make it so that:
    1. We could have a physical tool that we can keep with us even after the trip is over to remember all the memories and experiences we will have on the trip.
    2. It’s a useful tool to use when discussing bonding, and creating new relationships.
    3. We can all feel like we are part of something and that we belong in TALONS.
  3. This was intended for everyone, therefore everybody had one. But my bracelet is a primary source for me and myself only because of the emotional attachments and values I have placed on to my specific bracelet.
  4. My values changed during the trip regarding the issues I had in my life. I think the fact that my values changed influenced the significance of the source in my life.
  5. The bracelet is very simply made, and perhaps the simplicity of it, combined with the natural environment in which it was made in, makes it more special to me (The best things in life are things that we deem the best).

Inferences about Inquiry Question:

  1. From examining the source, the main thing that I have learned is the value of this bracelet to me. If you think about this object carefully, there is a clear reason as to why I haven’t taken it off yet. The bracelet serves as a physical reminder of the hardships, memories, experiences that represent this trip. This trip was a great experience for me, and allowed me to grow more physically and emotionally as a young adult. This is different to other people, and because they didn’t place a value on the bracelet as high as I did, they were okay to throw it away. 
  2. I know the story behind this bracelet because I am the creator of it. However, if others were to examine my bracelet, they wouldn’t be able to figure out my values at the time, because my values at the time were too closely associated with the emotions I was feeling which people other than myself wouldn’t know.
  3. Yes, it confirms what I already know, and the contextual evidence backs up my point. However, this might be because I went through all these different experiences at the time when I received the bracelet that others didn’t go through.
  4. Additional questions: Is it possible to understand the story of the bracelet without going through my experiences, feelings, and thoughts? How do we find the values of past historic events if they are too closely associated with one’s personal mind? Do we simply infer?