In-depth is a month away and I’m already writing my final post of the year! With April May Juneeeee going past quickly, I accomplished many things since my last in-depth post.


First of all, I put my vision for the night of in-depth together. I changed my original idea because it would take too much time with other peers which would be hard to organize. At the start of in-depth, I wanted to present my composition live with the help of my friends in the music department. For the instruments where I couldn’t get anyone in the school, I would ask my orchestra friends to play their parts individually, record, and put together to show on the screen at in-depth. However, I quickly realized that this plan was not realistic, mainly for two reasons.


Playing orchestral compositions take a lot of fine tuning as a collective group. In VYSO, it’s hard enough trying to play the piece perfect as a group, nevertheless filming the pieces individually and trying to put them together using my computer! There would be too many components for me to handle such as rhyme, tempo, dynamics, and more. Also, this would take too much time which is not feasible with all the work on my plate currently.


Second of all, asking peers to play live would be difficult, especially because there is a limit to how much I can control the stage environment. Plus, I know that they have lots of things on their mind, and many of them said that they would want to do it, but don’t have the time to do so.

untitled <– Alternate Plan

Now, my alternate plan is to bring down the orchestral composition to a quartet level. This would work, because although I focused on orchestra composition throughout my project, composing for a quartet would be almost the same thing! I meet with my quartet every Saturday, so I could ask them easily to practice it, and record the group to showcase on in-depth. I planned on recording the composition without me in it, just the 1st and 2nd violin and cello, so that on in-depth night, while this is playing behind be, I could play my part on stage!


Progress wise, I have already created the piece to show on the night of in-depth. I had already thought of my presentation idea when creating the piece, so I just composed for a quartet instead of orchestra.


Here is the preview for it here: Only 30 seconds because I don’t want to spoil the song


quartet-composition Click the link to look at the score!

(I cut the document to only show the 30 seconds)


However, here is the whole core (Which is where everyone’s part is one page for the conductor to look at). 1 minute and a ½ is pretty lengthy, so in total, it’s about 10 pages. You can find the link to the score down below.

Indepth Night Quartet Composition Score


Get ready for some fire, indepth 2018!