Is Justin Trudeau currently positioned to be Laurier’s successor?

L = Laurier T= Trudeau


Pro (things they have in common) Con (things they don’t have in common)

  • Both in favour of immigrants coming to Canada
    • Wants to increase the population: in the case of L was to cultivate the land and in the case of T is to even out the wage gap
    • Believe in equity?
    • Cares for minority groups
    • Both achieved their goals
    • L = Was in huge support of bringing immigrants to colonize Canada West and promised free land
    • T = Welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees although it was two months later than promised

Background and Culture

  • Both politicians and French Canadian
  • Catholic background
  • Similarities in education L = Law, T = Literature
  • Stressed importance of maintaining both the English and French culture

Sunny Ways

  • Both used lots of compromise to come to agreement of various conflicts
    • L = Manitoba School Question where L attempted to make the Catholics and Protestants happy
    • T= the 2015 debate where he used sunny ways and also in his platform when he was talking about positivity
  • Not very radical
  • Seeks to please everyone (ties into focusing on re-election as both set their platform on getting re-elected for the next term)

Rebuttal: T doesn’t focus on sunny ways as much as Laurier does because he sometimes makes a decision (arguable for the greater good). An example is the Pipeline issue where he didn’t really compromise with the Indigenous people.

  • Strengthening Royal Canadian Navy
    • L= create a navy in 1910 which helped Great Britain in their war
    • T = promised more ships and patrols for navy however has yet to keep his promise
  • Peacekeeping nation (keeping peace in international conflicts)
    • Being supportive country allies but not fully being involved in the issue
  • Look to long term Canadian development

Foreign Relations

  • Tried to/keeps good relation with the States
  • Independent nation
    • L = pushed for independence and Canadian Confederation
    • T = Canada is making changes to the government system
      • Senate reform
      • Not depend on Britain as much?
      • Questioning why we have a monarch
    • L = tried to encourage free trade with the US
    • T = supports NAFTA free trade agreement

  • L = was raised as a farmer (less introduced to the political scheme)
  • T = Raised in a family politicians (Pierre Trudeau)

Unity vs Diversity

  • L = tried to push for unity of all countries and strongly supported Canada’s independence
    • Style of compromise
  • L = loyalists although french born
  • T = post nationalism state
    • Advocates for diversity in a global setting

Different perspectives on society

  • L followed the ideals and views at the time: society has progressed since then and some of L’s values do not match up to T’s values
  • E.g.
    • L = raised Chinese Tax from $50 → $500
    • L = transferred Indigenous land to Western Settler Land

Focus on internal vs external threats

  • T focuses on protecting citizens internally (within Canada)
    • Social infrastructure and building on top of the essential needs of humans
  • L focuses on protecting citizens from external threats
    • Independant Navy (Navala act)

Rebuttal: Arguably, at the time L had to protect Canada to maintain its own identity. As Canada has a secure global standing currently, T can take more time into focusing on the living conditions of Canadian citizens (Pyramid)
Way of leadership compromise vs greater good

  • Although both have a certain degree of compromisation, sometime T is not all about compromise
    • E.g. For the Mountain Trans pipeline, he didn’t negotiate or compromise very much

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