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Final! – I’m done!

Jessica’s [Jiwon] Social Studies Final Coming into Socials 9, I wasn’t expecting much particularly because in previous years, I did not have much love for this subject.  I think part of the reason was because in past years, all we did was make posters and have writing assignments that became really redundant.  I found that most of the time, History just became dates and information that we had to memorize.. Read More

“I’m the damn fool who shot him!” – Aaron Burr

I’m assuming that I wasn’t the only person caught up in the Hamilton craze and our very HamilTalon class has been assigned to put together a mind map for our socials class. SOCIALS MIND MAP   My theme statement was, “History gets created based on the person who tells the story.” I had four different examples to back up my theme statement Hamilton’s POV vs Burr’s POV Known as one.. Read More

Hamilton – Your Obedient Servant [Part 2]

Plot Development [Song lyrics breakdown] In this blog post, I wanted to take a really detailed look into all the different lines in the song.  It’s pretty lengthy, so if you don’t want to read all of this stuff just go straight to my more condensed version of the song analysis. This song is based fairly closely on the original letters exchanged between Hamilton and Burr, but Lynn- Miranda clearly.. Read More

Hamilton – Your Obedient Servant [Part 1]

In Socials, we had an assignment where we got to pick and analyze a song from the Musical, Hamilton.  The play revolves around the story of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton with music, lyrics, and books by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  This musical is currently sold-out on Broadway and tickets are extremely sought after. Your obedient servant [click to listen to the song with lyrics on Rap Genius] is the 43rd installment.. Read More