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Final! – I’m done!

Jessica’s [Jiwon] Social Studies Final Coming into Socials 9, I wasn’t expecting much particularly because in previous years, I did not have much love for this subject.  I think part of the reason was because in past years, all we did was make posters and have writing assignments that became really redundant.  I found that most of the time, History just became dates and information that we had to memorize.. Read More

Annotated Bi-blog-graphy

Here are some of the sites and books that I found useful while putting together my eminent speeches and learning centers. Enjoy!   Websites Wikipedia This was a really good website [with a lot of facts] to start my research off from.  Later on, I realized that the information was actually pretty accurate and it contained Keller’s life story as well as a detailed list of all the works she.. Read More

I Can FINALLY Get Some Sleep! #Eminent is Finished

In pure honesty, I actually didn’t know what to feel when our learning centers were wrapped up, when our eminent night was over.  To other people, this event might have been a piece of cake because they love presenting speeches or love talking to people but to me, it was one of the most difficult and time-consuming things I’ve ever done.  So it was only fair that I was feeling.. Read More

Making MY Learning Center

This will be a short blog post because I unfortunately did not take any photos while making my learning center.  However, I will share how I made my learning center and the different methods that I tried to take while doing so. Many of the grade tens and experienced nines (Lucas and Aislyn told me that it is not a good idea to have lots of words at your learning.. Read More

Sucessful Interview? CHECK

Many people including teachers and grade 10’s warned me that interviews are incredibly rare to find.  I understand this because in today’s society, everybody is pretty busy and not a lot of people have 15 minutes of time to reply to a teenager asking for an interview. Anyhow, as my eminent person was Helen Keller, I focused on getting interviews with various foundations & organizations that help with the blind.. Read More

Helen Keller: Eminent Speech 2016 – Final Copy

Eminent speeches were quite a success and I can honestly say that I enjoyed listening to every single one of them.  Some speeches had a lot of passion or anger, others were humorous and funny but whatever the case, all of them were interesting and a great way to share our learning with our peers in the classroom. In my previous post, I shared my experience with writing and presenting.. Read More

Helen Keller Speeches: Positives, Negatives, and Everything Between

Finally, Eminent speeches are finished!  I’m very glad that it’s finished and done with… and good luck to all the grade 10’s who are getting ready to present theirs in front of everyone at Night of the Notables. I’m sure you’ll do great! After my speech was finished, I wanted to discuss some positive and negative experiences I had while putting together my presentation.   WRITING AND EDITING MY SPEECH.. Read More

“I’m the star of the show!”: VPL Trip 2K16

“I’m the star of the show!”: VPL Trip 2K16 Last pro – d day, I woke up early in the morning (instead of sleeping in like I should have) to take part in an optional class trip to the Vancouver Public Library. How did my day go? I woke up quite early to meet up with the rest of my TALONS group at the sky train station for the start.. Read More

The Start of Helen Keller: Night of the Notables 2016

There’s about 3 weeks left for eminent, and the panic is already starting to settle in.  I think I’m nervous for everything; my looooong speech, lack of time, and the confidence level that seems to drop when I’m in front of large crowds.  Hopefully, I can get through this experience all right.  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-K5SCt0D64Qw/UgcbjMW0S-I/AAAAAAAAGkQ/4lyaNikEu_I/s1600/120724-helen-keller.png Helen Keller rose as a woman who was blind and deaf but overcame these obstacles to be.. Read More