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TED Talk – Why Lab – Grown Meat is the Protein of the Future

For our science final, our class needed to research, write and present (film) a TED (“TalonTED) Talk on a topic we were interested.  The only criteria was that it had to be linked to science. I chose “cultured” meat or “lab-grown” meat for my topic and how this will be a huge advancement in food technology for the world.  In my talk, I discuss what cultured meat is, why it.. Read More

Shrinking My Ecological Footprint

Part 1 – The Plan ef-1 ef2 ef3 ef4 These are my calculations for my ecological footprint.  My footprint is 8.68 hectares. I was 1.32 hectares under the class average of around 10 hectares. When I compared my score to Tori (9.27 Ha) and Carter (10 Ha), my footprint was significantly smaller, which told me that to an extent, I could still consider myself as a ecological friendly person.  However,.. Read More